Loan to finance your mobile

The mobile has become an essential tool for people, increasingly providing more advantages and applications, to the latest technology, which facilitate the day to day of its owners.

On some occasions, buying a new mobile phone requires a significant outlay, and you may not be able to meet that expense at the time you need it. But through financing it is possible to acquire the latest model with the latest benefits. We show you two ways to finance it:

  1. Through the telephone companies
  2. Through micro loans

Telephone companies

Telephone companies

The first of these, is the contract you sign with a telephone company in exchange for a new mobile, you pay in installments the amount at the same time that you face the agreed monthly invoice.

The amount to be returned monthly is usually accessible with low amounts and, normally, you do not have to pay any initial outlay.

This method has the disadvantage that you are subject to the company for long periods of time, between 1 or 2 years, and whatever happens to your phone, you will have to continue paying its amount. In addition, during that time, you will not be able to change your telephone company, since you will have signed a permanency contract.

You will pay a low monthly amount for a long time.

Micro loans to buy a mobile

Micro loans to buy a mobile

On the other hand, you can request a microcredit to buy a new mobile. In this way, the telephone will be free, it will not belong to any telephone company. With this way of financing your mobile, you have the autonomy to choose, at any time, the telephone company that brings you greater benefits in your contract.

The request for your microcredit is done online, quickly and the documents to be delivered have been simplified. It is a form of short-term financing and in some entities the first microcredit does not involve interest.

You will pay a high monthly amount at a short disbursement term.

The latest models of the most prestigious telephone brands reach high disbursement figures and it is possible to access them through financing the purchase of a new mobile, but it is important to know if the loan can be repaid so as not to fall into situations unfavorable, as in a list of defaulters.

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