How to Obtain a Credit Card?

Credit cards – who can get it, when can you get it, and which card is the best? Use PACKETMONEY’s search engine and find the card that best suits your needs!

The vast majority of us would certainly like to have just a little extra money each month, whether it is the student who is tired of noodles for dinner, or the stepmother who would like to spend some money on himself. Credit cards are great options for giving yourself the opportunity for these things, as long as you use it wisely.

If you first obtain a credit card

credit card

You will of course have the best and cheapest. Other than credit, most credit cards also offer other services such as discounts on online stores, hotels and restaurants or on fuel, travel insurance when the holiday is paid for with the card, cashback schemes or bonus points. In addition, the level of the effective interest rates varies, but also the length of the interest-free period. If you spend a few minutes evaluating these things and see what is important and not important to you and your expected use of the card, the process of choosing the right card will be much easier.

Once you have decided

credit loan

Once you decide which services you want to get out of your credit card, you can use PACKETMONEY’s search engine to compare the various options. Here you can turn on and off the services you want and do not want, and quickly and easily eliminate cards that are not relevant to you. You will also immediately be able to see how popular the individual cards are, how many they recommend, the effective interest rate and how many who have booked the card in the last 24 hours. Many people automatically think that the easiest way is to apply for a credit card where you also have your debit card, and whether or not this is the case is certainly not the cheapest option. Large banks often have far more fees for card services than smaller banks, and it can be money saving to spend a few minutes more to find a cheaper alternative. Once you ‘

The requirements for who can apply for credit cards differ between the different banks, but what remains are the requirements for age and financial stability. Most credit cards have at least these requirements:

  • You must be 20 years of age
  • You cannot have any payment notes or debt collection claims
  • You must be a Norwegian citizen, or have taxed to Norway

Credit card requirement fees

Credit card requirement fees

Other requirements may be that there are fees associated with not using the card during a year, that bonus points can only be used for specific purchases, or requirements for either fixed income or minimum income. Furthermore, some credit cards have lower age limits (though never under the age of authorities, ie 18 years), other higher age limits, and some require Bank ID or BankID on mobile in order to apply for the card. When applying for a credit card, the particular provider will conduct a credit check on you, and then decide whether or not you will receive the card. In addition, if you are good at repaying the amount spent within the interest-free period, you will by all means get the most out of your new credit card. The added benefits of credit cards are many, so choosing the right card for your use is a lot of money to save.

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