Help a residual debt, what now?

An important change with regard to the tax-deductibility of residual debt financing with effect from 1-1-2018. You can continue to finance your residual debt with the low-interest rates of a personal loan or revolving credit, but the interest costs are no longer tax-deductible, as was the case until December 31, 2017. This is a government decision. Financing for their residual…

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Banks offers Loan Without Payroll.

admin / February 7, 2020

If you want to borrow money from a bank, you must be able to disclose your economic circumstances in such a way that the bank can derive the applicant’s creditworthiness from it. And so it is important that the income can be proven as well as permanent employment and other payment obligations. But now there are always people who –…

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Loan to finance your mobile

admin / January 23, 2020

The mobile has become an essential tool for people, increasingly providing more advantages and applications, to the latest technology, which facilitate the day to day of its owners. On some occasions, buying a new mobile phone requires a significant outlay, and you may not be able to meet that expense at the time you need it. But through financing it…

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How to Obtain a Credit Card?

admin / January 10, 2020

Credit cards – who can get it, when can you get it, and which card is the best? Use PACKETMONEY’s search engine and find the card that best suits your needs! The vast majority of us would certainly like to have just a little extra money each month, whether it is the student who is tired of noodles for dinner,…

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